7 Budget-Friendly Audiobook Subscription Options in 2023

In 2023, finding a budget-friendly audiobook subscription is essential for avid readers looking to access a vast array of books without breaking the bank. This article is your guide, detailing seven cost-effective options catering to diverse preferences and needs. 

We've researched and compiled information on each service to ensure you can make an informed decision. By the end of this piece, you'll clearly understand what's available in the market, helping you maximize your reading experience while minimizing expenditure.


Audiobook Subscriptions Explained

An audiobook subscription is a service where you pay a regular fee to access a variety of audiobooks. You can listen to these books on your device anytime, making it convenient. 

This service often offers many titles, including new releases and bestsellers. It's a cost-effective way to access an extensive library without buying each title.

7 Affordable Audiobook Services in 2023

Several services offer various plans to suit different needs and budgets. This guide will walk you through seven cost-effective choices for 2023.



Audible provides several plans tailored to your listening habits. The Audible Plus plan gives unlimited access to a select library. 

If you want more, the Audible Premium Plus plan includes one credit monthly for any audiobook, plus the Plus catalog. There are also discounts on additional purchases and plans that offer more credits.

Audible’s Discounts and Free Trials

New members can try Audible with a 30-day free trial, which includes one free audiobook. If you're a student, you can get 33% off and one audiobook monthly with Audible Student. 


There are often special promotions and discounts, especially during the holiday season. Some credit card and membership programs also offer discounts on Audible subscriptions. 

You can always cancel your membership anytime. However, use your credits first, as they will expire if you cancel.


Scribd is an audiobook and eBook service offering a variety of content for a monthly fee. You have unlimited access to their vast collection with a subscription. 

This service is available on multiple devices, providing flexibility in where and how you listen. It is a popular choice for avid readers and listeners.

Monthly Fee and Audiobook Access

Scribd allows you to explore a vast array of audiobooks for a fixed monthly fee. You have unlimited access to their collection, providing plenty of choices. 

This means you can listen to as many books as you want without additional cost. It's a cost-effective option for frequent listeners.

Additional Content on Scribd

In addition to audiobooks, Scribd offers a range of other content:

  • EBooks
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Sheet music
  • Documents


Libro.fm stands out by supporting local bookstores through its audiobook subscriptions. When you make a purchase, a portion goes to a bookstore of your choice. 

This unique approach fosters community and supports small businesses. It’s a great way to enjoy audiobooks while giving back.

Supporting Local Bookstores

Libro.fm is dedicated to helping local bookstores thrive. When you subscribe, you pick a bookstore to support, and they receive a share of your subscription fee. 

This model ensures that money stays in the community. It’s a win-win: you get audiobooks, and local bookstores get support.

Credit System and Membership Perks

Libro.fm operates on a credit system, where one credit equals one audiobook. Members receive one credit per month for a fixed monthly fee and 30% off additional purchases. 

Unused credits roll over to the next month. You can also access special promotions and a free audiobook on Independent Bookstore Day. 

Membership is flexible, allowing you to pause or cancel anytime. With membership, you support local bookstores while enjoying a wide selection of titles.


Audiobooks.com is a platform offering a vast selection of titles to its subscribers. With a user-friendly interface, finding and listening to audiobooks is straightforward. 

The service is accessible on various devices, ensuring you can enjoy your books on the go. It’s a solid option for those looking to delve into audiobooks.

Library and Features

Audiobooks.com boasts an extensive library, ensuring you have plenty of options. Their user-friendly features make navigation and book selection easy. 

You can create bookmarks, leave notes, and adjust playback speed to enhance your experience. Personalized recommendations help you discover new titles. 

The service also offers monthly free content, adding value to your subscription. It’s a comprehensive platform catering to audiobook enthusiasts.

Unique benefits of Audiobooks.com

  • VIP Rewards: Access to free books each month.
  • Family Plan: Share your account with up to 5 family members.
  • Bookmarks and Notes: Easily mark essential parts and leave notes.
  • Sleep Timer: Set the audiobook to stop playing after a specific time.

Google Play Audiobooks

Google Play Audiobooks provides a straightforward way to purchase and enjoy audiobooks. There’s no subscription required, and you pay only for the books you want. 

This approach ensures you’re not locked into monthly fees. It’s a flexible option for occasional listeners or those with specific tastes.

Pay-Per-Audiobook Model

With Google Play Audiobooks, you buy audiobooks individually, avoiding monthly fees. This no-subscription model means you own the books outright. 

There are frequent discounts and deals, making it cost-effective. You can listen on various devices, and there’s no need to worry about losing access. 

Your purchases are stored in the cloud, ensuring you can access them anytime. It’s a straightforward, flexible option for audiobook consumption.

Cost-Effectiveness of Google Play Audiobooks

This pay-per-audiobook approach can be more cost-effective than subscriptions if you listen sporadically. You’re not committed to monthly fees, paying only for what you want. 

Discounts and deals on Google Play can make purchases even more affordable. This model suits those with specific tastes or infrequent listeners. 

You control your spending, tailoring your audiobook consumption to your budget. It’s a practical option for managing audiobook expenses.


Hoopla is a digital media service that partners with local libraries to provide free audiobook access. Using your library card, you can borrow titles without any cost. 

The platform offers a wide range of audiobooks, ensuring you have plenty to choose from. It’s a budget-friendly option for audiobook lovers.

Borrowing Audiobooks with Hoopla

To use Hoopla, you need a valid library card from a participating library. Once registered, you can borrow audiobooks for free. The borrowing period typically lasts for about 21 days

You can access titles directly from your device, and there are no late fees. However, there is a monthly limit on how many titles you can borrow. This limit varies by library. Hoopla provides an easy way to access audiobooks at no cost.

No-Cost Audiobooks with Hoopla

Hoopla’s most significant advantage is its no-cost access to audiobooks. You borrow titles using your library card, paying nothing. This service supports local libraries while providing access to a vast library. 

There are no late fees, and you can borrow from anywhere. While there is a borrowing limit, it ensures fair access to all. Hoopla offers a budget-friendly way to enjoy audiobooks and support libraries.


Chirp provides deals allowing you to buy audiobooks at a fraction of the regular price. These deals are time-limited, creating a sense of urgency. 

However, once purchased, the audiobook is yours to keep forever. The deals cover a wide range of genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

You receive notifications for deals that match your interests. Chirp makes it easy to expand your audiobook collection without breaking the bank.

No Subscription, No Problem

With Chirp, you’re not tied to a monthly fee. You pay for what you want when you want it. This approach can be more budget-friendly than traditional audiobook subscriptions

You’re in control of your spending, and there are no commitments. The deals provide an affordable way to access audiobooks. It’s a flexible, cost-effective solution for audiobook lovers.

Maximizing Your Audiobook Experience

To make the most out of your audiobook subscriptions or purchases, consider these tips:

  • Free Trials: Many services offer free trials. Please take advantage of these to explore their libraries.
  • Sharing: If the service allows, share your account with family or friends.
  • Promotions: Keep an eye out for promotions or discounts.
  • Flexible Plans: Choose a subscription plan that suits your listening habits.
  • Credits: Use your credits wisely and be mindful of rollover rules.
  • Cancellation Policy: Understand the cancellation policy to avoid unwanted charges.

These strategies can help you optimize your spending and enhance your audiobook experience.

The Final Take: Choosing Your Audiobook Solution

In 2023, finding a budget-friendly audiobook subscription that suits your needs is easier than ever. Various platforms offer extensive libraries, unique benefits, and flexible payment options, catering to all sorts of listeners. 

Whether you prefer a subscription model, one-time purchases, or a mix of both, there’s an option for you. Considering your listening habits and budget, you can make an informed decision and enjoy endless audiobooks without breaking the bank.

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