How to Get Youtube Premium Free: Tips to Make the Most Out of the Site

Are you tired of constantly being interrupted by pesky ads while watching your favorite YouTube videos? Well, have no fear because YouTube Premium free is here!

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you'll enjoy an ad-free viewing experience, fully immersing yourself in your favorite content without interruptions. But wait, it's not just the ad-free experience that makes YouTube Premium unique.


You'll also have access to exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else, as well as features like background play and offline playback that allow you to keep the good times rolling even when you're on the go. Take advantage of this premium experience; give YouTube Premium a try today!

YouTube Premium: Elevate Your Viewing Experience

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that offers users an ad-free experience, access to exclusive content, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. Additionally, YouTube Premium subscribers can access YouTube Music and YouTube Originals, which offer a wide range of music and original content not available on the platform's free version.

Another feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to play videos in the background while using other apps on your device. YouTube Premium is an excellent option for users who want an enhanced YouTube experience and access to exclusive content.


How to Sign Up for a Free Trial of YouTube Premium: A Step-by-Step Guide

To sign up for a free trial of YouTube Premium, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the YouTube Premium website:;
  2. Click on the "Try it free" button on the website. It will take you to the sign-up page;
  3. If you already have a Google account, sign in with your email and password. If you don't have a Google account, you will need to create one.
  4. After signing in, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. Remember that even though it's a free trial, you will need to provide your credit or debit card details, as the service will automatically charge you after the trial period ends if you don't cancel the subscription.
  5. Once your payment information is entered, you can start your free YouTube Premium trial. This service provides ad-free streaming of all YouTube videos, access to YouTube Originals, background play, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing.
  6. Remember to check and cancel the subscription if you don't want to pay after the trial period.

Please note that the free trial period and other details might vary depending on the country, so please check the specific information on the website.

YouTube on a Budget: How Students Can Access Premium Features at a Discounted Price

YouTube Premium offers several benefits for students. The most obvious benefit is the ad-free viewing experience, which means that users can watch videos without interruption from advertisements. It can make for a more enjoyable and seamless viewing experience.


Additionally, YouTube Premium subscribers have access to exclusive content such as YouTube Originals, which are TV shows and movies produced by YouTube. These exclusive shows are not available for free to non-subscribers.

Another benefit of YouTube Premium is downloading videos for offline viewing. It is beneficial for students who may only sometimes have a stable internet connection or may want to save on data usage. YouTube Premium also provides features such as background playback and access to YouTube Music.

Overall, YouTube Premium is a valuable service for students who use YouTube frequently and want to enjoy an ad-free experience, exclusive access to content, and download videos for offline viewing. The discounted rate for students makes it more affordable for them.

Stream Live TV and On-demand With YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers live TV channels, on-demand shows, and DVR recordings. It is a subscription-based service, meaning users must pay a monthly fee to access the content. It is similar to traditional cable or satellite TV but delivered over the internet.

The service offers various channels, including local and national news, sports, and entertainment. Some popular channels include ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, AMC, and FX. In addition, to live TV, YouTube TV also offers a vast selection of on-demand shows and movies.

One of the key features of YouTube TV is its unlimited DVR storage. It allows users to record live TV shows and watch them later, even if they miss the live airing. The recordings are stored in the cloud so users can access them from any device.

YouTube TV also allows users to create up to six individual profiles, so everyone in the household can have their own personalized experience. And also it enables users to stream on up to three devices at the same time.

You will need a high-speed internet connection, a compatible device, and a YouTube TV subscription to access YouTube TV. Compatible devices include smart TVs, streaming devices (such as Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku), gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

Maximizing Savings: How to Take Advantage of YouTube Premium Deals and Discounts

YouTube Premium offers a variety of deals and discounts for its subscribers. These can include things like discounted or extended trial periods, special offers for students, and deals on bundled subscriptions with other services.

One way to take advantage of YouTube Premium deals is to keep an eye out for promotions on the YouTube Premium website. The website is updated frequently with information about current deals and discounts, so it's a good idea to check back regularly.

Another way to stay informed about YouTube Premium deals is to follow the service on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. YouTube Premium often announces promotions and discounts through these channels, so following them can help you stay up-to-date on the latest offers.

Additionally, you can sign up for YouTube Premium's email newsletter to receive updates on promotions and discounts directly to your inbox. It can be a great way to stay informed about current deals without actively seeking them out.

Searching online for "Youtube Premium deals" or "Youtube Premium discounts" can also yield results from third-party websites that may offer discounts or special offers on YouTube Premium subscriptions. However, it's essential to be cautious when using these sites, as some may not be legitimate. Be sure to do your research and only use reputable sources.

It's worth noting that promotions and discounts may vary depending on your location and the offer terms, so it's essential to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions before subscribing or making a purchase.

Top Alternative Streaming Services to YouTube Premium

There are several alternative streaming services to YouTube Premium, including:

  • Netflix: offers various movies, TV shows, and original content;
  • Amazon Prime Video: included with an Amazon Prime membership and offers a variety of movies, TV shows, and original content;
  • Hulu: offers a variety of TV shows, movies, and original content;
  • Disney+: provides a variety of Disney-owned content, including movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic;
  • Apple TV+: gives original TV shows and movies from Apple;
  • HBO Max: offers a variety of movies, TV shows, and original content from HBO;
  • Peacock: provides different movies, TV shows, and live sports, including original content from NBCUniversal;
  • Crunchyroll: offers a variety of anime and manga.

These are just a few examples, and many more streaming services are available depending on your location and preferences.

Eliminate YouTube Ads with These Third-Party Ad Blockers

Several third-party apps and browser extensions can block YouTube ads and provide an ad-free experience. Some popular options include:

  • AdBlock: can block ads on YouTube and other websites. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera;
  • AdBlock Plus: can block ads on YouTube and other websites. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera;
  • YouTube Vanced: provides an ad-free YouTube experience, along with additional features like background playback and picture-in-picture mode;
  • YouTube Premium: is an ad-free version of YouTube, which also provides access to premium features such as background playback, offline viewing, and access to YouTube Music;
  • YouTube Red: provides an ad-free experience on YouTube, along with other features like background playback and offline viewing;
  • YouTube AdBlock: can that can block ads on YouTube

It's important to note that some of these apps may violate YouTube's terms of service, so use them at your own risk. Some of them may be available in some countries or regions.

Tips and Tricks for a More Productive and Engaging Experience

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of YouTube:

  1. Create a YouTube account and subscribe to your favorite channels to stay updated on new content;
  2. Use the search function to find specific videos or channels that interest you;
  3. Create playlists to organize and save videos that you want to watch later;
  4. Use the "Watch Later" feature to save videos you want to watch but don't have time for;
  5. Use the "History" feature to keep track of the videos you have watched;
  6. Take advantage of YouTube's customization options, such as adjusting the playback speed or turning on captions;
  7. Use the YouTube Studio to track your channel's performance, check your analytics, and reply to comments on the go;
  8. Use the YouTube Creator Academy to learn how to grow your channel and create great content;
  9. Engage with the community by commenting, liking, and sharing videos;
  10. Utilize YouTube's monetization options, such as AdSense, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, to make money from your channel

By following these tips, you can make the most of your time on YouTube and get the most out of the site.

Sharing a YouTube Premium Account With Family and Friends

Sharing a YouTube Premium account with family and friends is possible through the "Family Sharing" feature. It allows up to 5 additional people to access the benefits of YouTube Premium, such as ad-free videos, background play, and offline playback, using their own Google account while using the same subscription.

To set this up, the account holder must go to the settings menu on their YouTube account and add family members. Members must sign in with their Google account to access the subscription benefits.

It's important to note that all users will have access to the same payment method linked with the account and will be charged in the same currency as the account holder.

Free Ways to Enjoy YouTube Premium Features

YouTube Premium is a great way to access exclusive features and take your viewing experience to the next level. However, if you're on a budget, there are a few free ways to get YouTube Premium. Some tips include using a free trial or sharing an account with family or friends.

Whatever your method of choice, make sure to make the most of your time on YouTube by exploring new content and channels, using the platform's many features, and engaging with the community. Happy watching!

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