Zartico raises $20 million to help destinations make sense of visitor data

Zartico, a Utah-based company that helps destination management organizations make data-driven decisions, has raised $20 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by Arthur Ventures with the participation of Peterson Partners.

Founded in March 2020, Zartico has raised a total of $24.5 million and says it has more than 180 clients, including Visit North Carolina, Travel Alaska, and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor Bureau.

“The visitor economy contributes 10% to global GDP, but is one of the last to adopt big data and analytics, relying instead on quarterly and annual reports that are almost instantly out of date,” says Sarah Lehman, Director Zartico executive.

“By overlaying and analyzing rich data sets, we provide some of the world’s most popular destinations with information about where their visitors come from and which attractions generate the most interest, enabling them to better market and, what’s more, importantly, manage your visitor economy more effectively. ”

Zartico captures anonymous data on visitor geolocation, spending, and event participation and analyzes it in combination with publicly available data and data from sources such as social platforms and CRM systems.

The company says it will use the funding to expand its engineering and product teams, increase its capabilities and data sets, and add new markets such as airports and sports venues.

“Smart destinations represent an $18 billion market and the company that can provide the most detailed and actionable data on the various visitor economies is sure to seize this tremendous opportunity,” says Ryan Kruezinga, general partner at Arthur Ventures and new member of the Zartico board.

“Zartico is well positioned to achieve this, having not only the most advanced analytics in the industry, but also the domain expertise to earn the trust of tourism destinations across the country.”


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