The Orangery by Sapna Restaurant Review

If the name Sapna sounds familiar to you, that’s because The Orangery by Sapna is, in fact, the Sapna caterer you see at many London weddings and events. Sapna has been a popular Indian food catering business since 1991 and is now officially in the restaurant industry as well. The spacious new restaurant is located at the Stockley Park Golf Club in Hayes/Uxbridge, with stunning views of the 240-acre golf course. It has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, almost a lounge feel with its spacious interiors and soft piano notes playing in the background. Quaint orange trees are dotted around the main dining room, adding to the overall look of the place. There are also tables available on the terrace to watch all the golf action and there is also a private and intimate dining room for events and more.

Obviously with Sapna’s reputation in the restaurant business and also positive reviews from many other social media influencers, we definitely have high expectations for this new restaurant venture!

The Orangery by Sapna: Modern Dining in Lahori

While it bears the hallmarks of a modern Indian restaurant, the menu at The Orangery by Sapna is actually based more on Lahori cuisine to be specific. From grills to curries, the a la carte menu offers a variety of traditional Pakistani dishes and street food dishes. A Thali menu is also available during lunch hours, with a curry of your choice, served with cumin rice, vegetables of the day, fresh naan, onion bhaji, mini poppadom, salad, raita and mango chutney. On occasions like Ramadan and Eid, they also offer buffets with a wider range of dishes available. All meats served are halal at The Orangery by Sapna.

*Disclaimer: This was a complimentary meal, but all thoughts are ours.

The food: what we ordered

Dinner date: August 2022

Tandoori Tikka Mix (€5.99)

A plate of Tandoori Mix Chicken Tikka at The Orangery by Sapna

First we had the Tandoori Tikka Mix to start which had been decent. The chicken pieces got a touch of tandoor grilled, but sometimes it overpowered the main flavors. While the chicken was tender in texture, however, it was not particularly juicy to taste. They weren’t dry per se, but they definitely lacked a touch of succulence and spiciness. sexual attraction. Despite the different colors of the mixed tikka, they all tasted more or less the same.

Lamb Chops (£9.99)

A plate of four grilled lamb chops garnished with red chillies and chopped coriander leaves at The Orangery by Sapna

Seeing the lamb chops served in thin slices, the immediate concern was that they would be dry and overcooked. But luckily, they turned out to be tender and well-marinated throughout. They are still a bit overcooked for my personal taste, but the flavors had been pretty decent. The lamb chops were flavorful and laced with a mild hint of spice. Although that said, they weren’t anything surprising or particularly explosive in flavor.

Chicken Karahi (£8.99) and Lamb Korma (£10.99)

For mains we tried their curries and chose Chicken Karahi and Lamb Korma. Both curries were nice and perfect to savor with some naan. In particular, there is a remarkably homey touch to both curries which we find most delicious. Both had a good heat stroke and were robust to taste. The meats were cooked until soft and tender for both curries and had rich, warm flavors.

Lamb Biryani (£10.99)

A lamb biryani dish garnished with crispy onions and coriander leaves at The Orangery by Sapna

Moving on to the rice dishes, we opted for the lamb biryani. We enjoyed the generous amount of meat on offer and all the crispy onions which gave it a lovely touch of sweetness. However, judging it as a biryani dish on its own, we felt that it lacked robustness and spice. It was excellent as an accompaniment to curry, but didn’t stand out much as a stand-alone dish. We still enjoy it!

Gajar Halwa and Kulfi (£4.99)

A bowl of Gajar Halwa pudding with a scoop of kulfi ice cream at The Orangery by Sapna

For desserts, we originally wanted to try both the Gajar Halwa and the Gulab Jamun, but the latter was not available during our visit. We got the gajar halwa with kulfi which seemed a bit lopsided as the kulfi was bigger than the halwa. Nonetheless, the gajar halwa was a delicious treat. We felt it could be served hotter to create a more contrasting hot and cold sensation with the kulfi. But overall, we enjoy the aromatic flavors and rich buttery flavor of ghee.

If you don’t like traditional desserts, they also serve a selection of ice creams from Snowflake Luxury Gelato.

Restaurant Review Summary

Overall, it has been a pleasant experience at The Orangery by Sapna. The interiors and atmosphere in particular were most ideal for a nice relaxing meal. The service has been attentive and everything was reasonably priced. While the food has been generally decent, we feel there is still room for improvement to improve further. Ultimately it was good quality catering food on a nice plate, but not up to haute cuisine standards. If you reside in nearby areas and want a place to take your family out for a meal, The Orangery by Sapna is certainly a lovely place, but it’s not currently a place worth walking through in our opinion.

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halal status

All meats served are halal.

Telephone: 0208 6060771
Instagram: orangery.ldn

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