Thailand lifts all entry requirements to return to normal tourism

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Thailand has become the latest destination in the world to remove all of its Covid-19 related entry requirements and return to normal tourism. the land of smiles – one of the world’s most popular destinations for travelers before the pandemic – has struggled for most of the last three years from a tourism standpoint due to strict and unrealistic entry requirements, but expects to welcome a significant number of tourists will return once these changes to their entry requirements take effect.

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Now that visiting Thailand will be more attractive than ever thanks to longer visas on arrival now being offered and much less crowded beaches than before, the country is back on the map for millions of travelers around the world. . . Here’s a look at what changes are coming, when they’ll be live, and why travelers keep coming back to this Southeast Asian gem.

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Normal entry requirements for Thailand: information for travelers

Before the pandemic, Thailand was one of the most popular places to visit on the planet. Bangkok, the country’s sprawling capital, was crowned the world’s most visited city, attracting all types of travelers from a wide range of countries. However, while Covid-19 may have put a dent in the number of travelers flocking to the country, the decision to remove all Covid-19-related entry requirements from the country could see millions of travelers return for years to come. .

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Following a meeting with the National Committee for Communicable Diseases (NCDC) on Wednesday, Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul revealed yesterday that the country would lift Covid-19 related restrictions on international arrivals that had been put in place. in recent years. making entry into the country as easy as it was before the pandemic threw the travel sphere like the curve ball of a lifetime.

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Currently, travelers arriving in Thailand must show proof of a full course of vaccination against Covid-19 or a negative test result in order to enter the country, bureaucratic red tape that has made the idea of ​​visiting the country unpleasant. for many travelers. Nevertheless, from October 1the country will be completely removing these requirementsclosing the chapter on what has been an extremely difficult period for the country’s ailing travel and tourism industry.

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The move comes as part of Thailand’s commitment to treat Covid-19 like the flu from early next month. Thailand was one of the first countries in the region to publicize such an approach, which represented a complete 180-degree shift in the generally cautious country’s approach, and could see them reap the benefits of more travelers as a result. The beaches are slowly starting to fill up once again, and the popular resort towns are back in full swing.

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Visitors to Thailand will also be relieved to learn that the country will also be abandoning its lockdown approach, as those who contract the virus with mild symptoms will no longer be required to self-isolate. Travelers will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination or a test result when visiting crowded public places, further proof that the country is finally back on track. All changes are subject to the approval of the Center for the Administration of the Covid-19 Situation (CCSA) of the country.

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Part of the charm of Thailand has always been how it caters to all travelers. Whether more comfortable on the beach or in the city, in a temple or the mall, or on a budget or living in a boujee, Thailand has no shortage of options for all types of arrivals. With so many travel-hungry in recent years, Thailand is certainly ready to welcome some new faces to its shores, as well as many of us seasoned travelers who just can’t get enough. Those arriving after October 1 can also benefit from an extra 15 days on their visa on arrival for free, allowing travelers to benefit from a couple of extra weeks in paradise.

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