Spotnana completes ‘deep integration’ with…

Travel-as-a-service platform Spotnana promises greater personalization for its customers as it has completed advanced integration with leading US carrier American Airlines.

Integration into the airline’s direct channels will enable greater customization of offers through access to a broader range of New Distribution Capability fares and products.

Spotnana said this will include additional booking flexibility and convenience, as well as “seamless” loyalty program enrollment and membership benefits.

Sarosh Waghmar, Co-Founder and CEO of Spotnana, said: “We are excited to partner with American Airlines to build the deepest integration to date between an airline and a travel platform.

“NDC was introduced to the travel industry 10 years ago and has seen minimal adoption for corporate travel.

“Our goal is to change that by providing the industry with a new modern cloud-based infrastructure designed to connect the travel ecosystem and deliver a new generation of personalized travel experiences.”

Spotnana said its integration with American Airlines enables “a more seamless personalized booking experience and gives customers exclusive access to a diverse set of products and services that elevate travel.”

Key benefits for corporations include:

  • Enhanced Offers for Great Selections: Travelers gain access to products available exclusively through NDC and direct American channels, including but not limited to Main Plus and Flagship Business Plus;
  • Seamless Loyalty Program Enrollment: Travelers can join American’s AAdvantage loyalty program with one-click enrollment at time of booking and receive relevant shopping results tailored to AAdvantage membership benefits;
  • Additional booking flexibility and conveniences: Travelers can purchase ancillary products in advance, modify or cancel trips self-service, view corporate negotiated fares, and unlock access to preferred and paid seats through a comprehensive seat map.

Neil Geurin, managing director of airline retail at American Airlines, said, “The Spotnana platform uses American’s enhanced direct connection to provide a more seamless booking experience for customers.

“Our corporate customers who book through Spotnana will now have access to a modern retail experience, including high-value offers, benefits and add-ons through a single company-approved online booking tool.”

“We are grateful to work so closely with American Airlines, which is a true industry innovator and pioneer,” added Bill Brindle, vice president of travel operations for Spotnana.

“This integration is just the beginning of what’s possible through our open travel platform as a service, and the first of many direct connections we plan to build with the world’s leading travel providers.”

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