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Qantas’ operational performance has improved this month, with flight delays, cancellations and mishandled baggage rates falling in the first two weeks of September.

According to the airline, 71 percent of flights left on time during the September 1-14 period, an improvement from 52 percent in July and 67 percent in August.

Furthermore, only 2 per cent of Qantas and Qantas Link flights were canceled during this period, which is below pre-Covid levels (2.4 per cent) and down from 7.5 per cent in June and 4 percent in August.

The lost bag rate is at pre-COVID-19 levels, with 6 per 1,000 passengers overall for international flights and 5 per 1,000 for domestic services; this is down from 12 per 1,000 in April. There has also been an increase in the average number of checked bags per passenger compared to before the pandemic.

The airline attributed the improvement to a number of factors. This includes the hiring of an additional 1,500 employees since April, ground handling providers increasing their workforce by 25 percent, and the launch of more than 120 new self-service kiosks. The airline says that more than 80 percent of customers can now check in online.

Qantas’ new self-service kiosks are ‘four times faster’ than existing machines

Qantas added that the reduction in the number of domestic flights has increased the availability of standby staff, “reducing the impact of crew sick leave, the key driver of canceled and delayed flights in July.” By adjusting domestic capacity, the airline has more sick leave coverage, which translates into fewer cancellations.

The airline said “performance will be tested in the coming weeks” due to high demand resulting from school holidays, long weekends and football finals. Therefore, customers are advised to arrive at the airport three hours before scheduled departure for international flights or at least 90 minutes before for domestic flights.

Last month, Qantas apologized to Frequent Flyer members for recent operational challenges and presented a series of benefits as “thanks” for their patience.

Qantas apologizes to loyalty members with $50 credit and status extension

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