NBA 2K23 726e613d Error Applying Badges: Resolved

NBA 2K23 726e613d Error: When you try to apply badges in NBA 2K23, do you get error code 726e613d? Players just starting out in MyPlayer or MyTeam may struggle with this rather frustrating event.

Badges have been an important part of NBA 2K games for a long time and not being able to use them is a huge problem. In this guide, we explain the NBA 2K23 726e613d error and how to fix it.

NBA 2K23 726e613d Error Applying Badges

Ever since NBA 2K23 came out, it has been full of bugs and errors. From the Going National error to the Palace Intrigue freezing issue, there seems to be a problem at every step. And NBA 2K23 error code 726e613d is especially bad.

The problem is the same whether you try to add badges to MyPlayer or to your MyTeam build.

You are happy to give your player their first badges.

When you click “Confirm”, you see this error. Then the game crashes or sends you back to the main menu.

And the process of getting a badge is not saved, and you even lose the progress you made to get a better badge. So is there any way to fix this annoying problem?

First of all, this is a very important bug that 2K should fix soon. But in the meantime, we may have found a way to fix NBA 2K23 error code 726e613d.

What we have learned is that there is only one way to fix this issue at this time.

Matt08240 says on Reddit that it should work if you “try after 24 hours since last build”. There you have it. Try this method to fix NBA 2K23 badge error if it doesn’t work.

If that doesn’t help, try calling 2K support and tell them what’s going on.

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