Joyned allows friends and family to plan trips…

Collaborative booking platform hailed as ‘game changer’

Joyned, an Israeli startup company, introduced Joyned Booking, a travel technology solution that allows travelers to connect with friends and family while booking their trips online.

Delivered in a SaaS [software as a service] As the foundation for travel websites, Joyned Booking turns travel websites into an “interactive” booking experience for friends and family.

The digital platform offers travel companies so customers can make travel plans together no matter where they are.

It speeds up the purchase as decisions are made immediately and collectively, and eliminates the time needed to manually share links and discuss options.

Jonathan Abraham, CEO of Joyned, said: “Travel is a social experience, but travel websites are designed for individuals.

“Joyned Booking is the next evolutionary step in online booking, allowing travelers to easily connect with their travel partners and loved ones at the point of sale.

“Friends and family traveling together obviously make travel decisions together, but there’s no easy way to do that today in most online travel plans.

“With Joyned, travel websites can change the current paradigm in the user acquisition and retention game, turning their website into an organic growth machine.”

He added: “With Joyned, we are helping travel companies evolve into the next phase of the worldwide travel experience: a global travel environment for friends and family, where the journey already begins on the travel website. . What we offer is nothing short of a game changer for travel websites.”

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