IRIS launches two new payment features to put…

Digital ordering technology developer IRIS has launched two new products aimed at improving the guest experience while increasing revenue for operators in the hotel and hospitality sector.

The firm says that Open Tab and Pay at Table will also help its clients meet the ongoing challenge of rising costs and staff shortages by digitizing processes.

IRIS said Open Tab “puts guests in control” and provides a new way to order with the option to start one tab, order multiple rounds of food and drink, and pay in a single transaction at the end.

Groups can also place orders across multiple devices, which can then be reconciled with a final bill to be paid.

For payment, guests can retrieve the bill using the corresponding table number, add a tip and pay by credit card.

Existing solutions require guests to pay each time they place an individual order, rather than the option to settle a final bill.

IRIS said: “As a mobile first service and with 73% of travelers wanting to use their mobile device to manage their hotel stay, Open Tab meets guests’ need for self-service.

“Guests can determine their delivery location, order multiple rounds/items and pay the open bill, how and where they choose, in the end, for full flexibility.

“Unlike other solutions, there is also no need to download or spend time setting up an account and logging in. The guest can select it and be up and running right away.”

Pay at Table allows guests to retrieve their bill at the end of a meal and pay directly through the app, regardless of how the order was placed.

Guests can pay more quickly and efficiently without the need to wait for a member of staff.

The service was developed to put mobile first and meet the growing demand from guests who want to use their mobile device to manage their hospitality experience, IRIS said.

Guests have the option to order with staff and then pay when ready via QR code for a high-end, high-tech experience.

Faster payment options also give operators the opportunity to improve churn rates and further increase revenue.

Graham Rushin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IRIS, said: “The role of mobile devices has had a transformative impact on the hospitality industry. Not only from a guest journey perspective, but also in supporting owners and operators to mitigate the impact of rising costs and staff shortages.

“We have developed Open Tab and Pay at Table as two features that will not only meet the ever-increasing demand from guests for a highly digital self-service experience that is delivered in other aspects of daily life, but also allow owners of hospitality and operators to increase their profits and the earning potential of their venues.

“Both features offer intuitive and efficient features that support staff, operations, cash flow, revenue and payment security to create a better experience for both guests and operators.”

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