Introducing the 2022 Phocuswright Conference

After more than two years of ups and downs, starts and stumbles, the travel industry is making a comeback.

Flights are full, occupancy and room rates are soaring, and some markets and segments will match or eclipse their pre-pandemic highs this year.

Millions of travelers are venturing out, thrilled to finally explore much more than their own backyards.

But as travelers are unleashed across the globe, make no mistake: travel may be back, but it’s far from smooth sailing. Record fuel prices and runaway inflation could weigh on the recovery, and labor shortages threaten to put a damper on travelers’ ambitious plans.

While these headwinds haven’t yet deterred consumers from allocating their travel dollars, people have become more discerning when evaluating their options. The battle for this undaunted and demanding public will be fiercer than ever.

At the same time, a fundamental shift in the travel landscape is underway, marking a dangerous path for some industry players and a rare opportunity for others.

Travellers. Pioneer Titans. – The theme of the Phocuswright Conference 2022

Powerful privacy protections and the emergence of more sophisticated tools are giving Travellers unprecedented control over when, where and how they go. And as consumers make choices to safeguard the environment and support brands and destinations that don’t just talk about fairness and inclusion, the power will soon rest squarely with the people. If the companies travelers once relied on fail to deliver the content and value they expect, no problem—there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Of course, the bigger fish, from longtime segment leaders to gigantic middlemen, still wield enormous influence and seem to be getting bigger every day. These titans of travel won’t be going away any time soon, but their response to the new traveler-centric landscape could mean the difference between continued dominance and struggling to stay relevant.

Even when the Titans choose to stay the course or boldly welcome and even push for change, they are being challenged by the pioneers. These agile players are taking advantage of new technologies, empowering travelers with the content, tools and enhanced service levels they now demand, and in doing so, earning their trust and potentially their loyalty. With Web 3.0 poised to democratize the Internet and transfer more control to individuals, taking a head-in-the-sand approach is risky, if not ruinous.

This year’s event will take place in Phoenix, November 14-17.

The Phocuswright Conference 2022

Learn more about the event, including programs on innovation, diversity, young leaders, and more. Special prices available until September 30.

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