How to beat the championship qualifier challenge in Clash of Clans

How to beat the championship qualifier challenge in Clash of Clans: The Championship Qualifier Challenge is currently happening in Clash of Clans. Like many of these challenges, it involves an uphill battle.

Doing it is hard enough on its own, but to get 3 stars, you’ll probably need some help. That’s why we’re here: to explain how to beat the Championship Qualifier Challenge in CoC. With this explanation, you can easily and reliably get 3 stars and finish the challenge in no time.

How to beat the championship qualifier challenge in Clash of Clans

As soon as the challenge starts, remove Lightning and Earthquake and place them on the wall between Hell and City Hall. Earthquake, then the six lightning strikes.

This will destroy Hell as well as the buildings next to it.

Next, put the healers next to the archer queen so they can help her attack the Wizard’s Tower in the bottom right corner.

The Flame Flinger should be placed there at 3 o’clock. Place an archer next to the gold mine, another one next to the Elixir Collector at the far end of the mapand a Wizard next to the Dark Elixir Drill at the bottom.

The flamethrower must be next to the third archer. When the Archer Queen destroys the Wizard Tower on his way, the next part of the battle begins.

After, put the Giant and the Wizard next to the canyon below the Wizard’s Tower destroyed. He then places three Super Witches, two normal Witches, and a Grand Guardian on the right.

the the left side has the other Super Witch. Use the Rage spell and the Grand Warden ability once Archer Queen is inside and in the area. She then uses the Barbarian King on the Dark Barracks in the top left corner.

Send the Royal Champion after him once he’s inside the base. Now you have to deal with the enemy King., so use the Freeze spell on it. Put the Baby Dragon on top of the Cannon and the Minion and two Barbarians near it. After that, all that’s left to do is mop up and kill the last enemy forces.

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