Honey Chrysanthemum Iced Tea Recipe

There is a little local shop near the school I attended back home, run by the sweetest old lady, that sells the most refreshing homemade chrysanthemum honey iced tea. It was the perfect refreshment in the brutally humid summer heat and everyone at school loved it. So this chrysanthemum honey iced tea recipe has a pretty nostalgic feel to it.

If you’re not familiar with chrysanthemum tea, it’s a very popular Chinese flower-infused tea and is believed to have numerous health benefits. In Chinese culture, you often order a cup of tea to start with, and chrysanthemum tea is my family’s favorite order. Honey Chrysanthemum tea, especially the internationally renowned Vita brand, is a very popular beverage and is typically sold in bottles or cartons in supermarkets or convenience stores throughout East Asia.

Making chrysanthemum honey iced tea at home is super easy. It’s literally just tea, honey and ice. You can of course enjoy this hot and it would be quicker to make as it doesn’t need any cooling time. When enjoyed hot, it is very soothing and calming, while, in iced tea form, it has an added refreshing twist.

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