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With borders reopening and visitors around the world welcoming back, it’s no surprise certain countries are setting new rules for travelers.

PCR tests have all but disappeared, but proof of vaccination is now required to enter most countries.

Spain announced earlier this year that British tourists will need to prove they have sufficient funds of at least £85 per day per person to enter the country.

They must also have proof of a return or onward travel ticket and evidence of accommodation for the duration of their stay.

Security updates, homecoming requirements, airport travel, and more are obscure at best, and in some cases, don’t work at all.

I’ve heard of travelers being turned away at airports because they couldn’t prove they had both vaccinations.

Navigating current travel requirements is no easy feat and while airlines post information on their sites, which in some cases changes daily, that’s when travelers rely on the advice and expertise of a travel advisor.

Advisors are bringing customers up to date not only on travel requirements, but they can also book with vendors that focus on guest and customer safety.

Resorts may be operating at reduced capacity or providing enhanced health screening and safety rules and travel advisors have this knowledge on hand, saving many hours of research on airlines, hotels, cruise lines and tour operators.

Not only is it tedious, but it can result in costly mistakes, like being denied entry.

It is inevitable that travel arrangements will not go as planned. In such situations, having someone on hand to assist and help resolve the situation is invaluable and reassuring.

Travel agents often use local operators for their ground arrangements. They will be available to meet customer needs at their destination.

sustainable travel

Much has been written about the future approach to sustainability in travel.

Travelers are inspired to be more responsible and will want to know what companies are supporting local communities or what vendors are doing to provide them with green experiences.

Contemporary travelers demand more diverse and personalized experiences, and advisors play an important role in providing sustainable options.

Trade associations have held think tanks with industry leaders and travel advisers, looking at the state of the industry before, during and after the pandemic.

The consensus has been that travelers are more likely to book a sustainable experience if their advisors present them with opportunities for sustainable options.

Luxury travelers are looking for more meaningful experiences: meeting local residents and engaging in life-changing, experiential travel.

Travel consultants have the connections that allow them to create personalized itineraries for clients based on their needs and wants.

And they can attract more travelers to a destination that works for local destinations eager to welcome people to their towns and cities.

It’s probably a little-known fact that the UK and Ireland celebrated National Travel Agent Day last month.

This is an industry-wide celebration of the role travel agents play for the industry and a reminder of the importance of booking a vacation with the help of an advisor.

It’s good to see that these experienced and knowledgeable people are starting to get the recognition they deserve for their work.

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