Funny Prince Louis Home Alone memes flood Twitter

Funny Prince Louis Home Alone Memes: Prince Louis did not attend the queen’s funeral on September 19, leading to many hilarious memes.

This all started when a tweet went viral saying, “I would love to see a Home Alone style movie about what would happen if Prince Louis was left alone in Buckingham Palace.” I imagine absolute carnage.”

George and Charlotte, the mischievous 4-year-old’s older siblings, were on duty, but William and Kate’s youngest son was nowhere to be found.

People joke that he wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral because of the funny things he did at the Platinum Jubilee, but he was probably too young.

During the June celebrations, Louis made faces on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, which went viral on the internet.

As they watched the parade, the little prince stole the show with his cute behavior. He touched his nose, covered his ears with his hands and made the peace sign.

People are now making jokes on Twitter about what the cheeky boy was doing at home while the funeral was taking place. They compare him to Kevin from the movie Home Alone, which came out in 1990.

Home Alone Prince Louis Memes

Prince Louis sitting at home watching the funeral

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