Delta and American Airlines Announce New Premium Cabin Experiences

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Travelers want to feel comfortable during flights and the airlines in the United States know it. United Airlines and American Airlines have recently informed customers about new premium cabin experiences.

American Airlines announced that new special seats will be available for long-haul flights in 2024. New Flagship Suite seating will include more personal storage, a privacy door, and a divan seating option. The new premium service will be available on the airline’s Airbus A321XLR and Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

woman taking photos of the view from the airplane cabin.

On the other hand, United Airlines has shared through a press release that Travelers flying Delta Premium Select will have access to a refreshed, spacious and upgraded cabin experience and new exclusive services.

Great news for travelers who are unwilling to travel inconveniently, tend to avoid low-cost airlines with tight seat space, and prefer to upgrade to the new business class seats offered by different airlines. Delta and American Airlines join the trend and offer more and better experiences in special cabins.

Delta Airlines premium cabin.jpeg

New American Airlines flagship suite seats

The new Flagship Suite seats that American Airlines will offer to customers will add luxury, space and privacy to the cabin experience throughout their journey. American Airlines vice president of customer experience Julie Rath said, “The arrival of new long-haul aircraft and the custom design of the Flagship Suite seats will offer customers a truly private premium experience on our long-haul fleet. ”.

American Airlines plane about to take off

In 2016, the airline introduced Premium Economy seating experiences and now they are creating a new enhanced service for their customers. This is what American Airlines said About the new seats in the Flagship Suite:

  • It will debut in 2024.
  • American’s Boeing 787-9 aircraft will have 51 Flagship Suite® seats and 32 Premium Economy seats.
  • The Airbus A321XLR aircraft will feature 20 Flagship Suite® seats and 12 Premium Economy seats.
  • The new suites will be individual spaces with a privacy door.
  • The Flagship Suite on the Boeing 787-9 offers more comfort with reclining seats and can also be converted to a daybed position.
reclining seats in the aircraft cabin

American Airlines has also announced that travelers will discover a renewed experience. The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will have new interiors by the end of 2024 and will include 70 Flagship Suite seats and 44 Premium Economy seats. The Airbus A321T fleet will also be modernized and will have reclining seats for transcontinental flights departing from New York and Boston.

First class on an American Airlines plane

About Delta Premium Select

The refreshed Delta Premium Select cabin experience will offer a comfortable space, locally inspired meals, special amenities and services. Mauricio Parise, vice president of brand experience for Delta, said, “Delta Premium Select sits at the intersection of luxury and convenience, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy a roomier seat and a premium experience at a lower price point. compared to our Delta One cabin. .”

Interior of Delta Airlines aircraft

This special service, Delta Premium Select, debuted in 2017 for transatlantic and transpacific routes only, but has since been expanded. And now, the service has been improved, and these are the main amenities and services:

  • Passengers will enjoy an elevated dining experience with local flavors.
  • Includes premium handmade amenities (starting in October).
  • More room to stretch out and relax. Wider seats with additional recline and adjustable footrests.

Delta has highlighted the Delta Premium Select menu. Carrier added new plant-based options a few months ago, and travelers will make the most of it in this new cabin experience.

plant based burger

The company has also encouraged travelers to enjoy the fall and winter seasons. “Customers traveling between November and March can expect fewer crowds, unique seasonal events and activities, and better flight and hotel availability,” Delta Vacations President Kama Winter said in a press release.

Delta Airlines plane in the air

Winter also highlighted new flights and special destinations for the upcoming season: “Whether you want to explore the Christmas markets in Copenhagen, take a winter cruise down the Rhine Valley, or go ice skating in the open air on the first floor of the Tower Eiffel, Delta can connect customers to beautiful destinations and experiences around the world.”

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