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I had only one goal for my brief trip to Copenhagen: eating cakes. Danish pastry differs from typical puff pastries in that it uses yeast to leaven its dough. This results in the intricate layered texture that makes Danish pastries such a renowned pastry specialty. Looking for the best Danish pastries? There is no better place than Copenhagen! The Danish capital is known for its excellent food scene and the same kind of delicacy is also on display in its cakes and coffees. In no time, I managed to try out a couple of pastry shops and put together this list of the best places for pastries in Copenhagen.

Where to find the best cakes in Copenhagen

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Hart’s Bakery

Hart Bageri is the first bakery I came to after landing in Copenhagen and it has set the bar high from the start! I have the cardamom croissant bun and a latte (DKK 83 in total) – both totally exceeded expectations. The rolling and crispy puffiness of the dough was absolutely top notch and it was one of those wide-eyed “oh my gosh” moments when I bit into the dough. Come to think of it, I shouldn’t be surprised as Hart Bageri is endorsed by the founders of Noma, aka the best restaurant in the world! It lived up to all the hype and no kidding I would fly back just to get this cake again.

Juno the bakery

A Swedish cardamom bun at Juno The Bakery in Copenhagen

The queue outside the bakery speaks for itself. Juno The Bakery has been widely crowned for serving the best cardamom scones in Copenhagen and it certainly did not disappoint. The sticky and sugary knotted buns were an absolute delight to savor. No wonder people walk in and buy them in big boxes to take home! For a bit of background, Juno The Bakery was founded by a former chef in Noma (again!) so he can always count on perfect food quality every time. The price of the cardamom bun is DKK30.

bakery bread

A cinnamon cake at Bageriet Brod Copenhagen

Bageriet Brød is a neighborhood bakery on Copenhagen’s Enghave Plad and a secret gem in the city. On an early Saturday morning there are plenty of locals lining up to get their freshly baked pastries, a sign that could only mean this place is Okay. I had the cinnamon roll (DKK 25), which had a dreamy fluffy, fluffy texture, and was beautifully blended with sweet and aromatic cinnamon sugar. Her croissants are also known to be top quality, something I would definitely like to try next time. Bonus: the bakery opens early at 7am, perfect for early risers like me!

meadow coffee

I was mainly at Enghave Kaffe for their Fuglen coffee (special roast from Oslo and Tokyo), but ended up blown away by the cakes too! It was just a plain croissant (DKK 25), but it was exquisite quality, with a perfect crispy texture on the outside and an incredibly fluffy laminated texture on the inside. As for the coffee, I had a latte (DKK 42) and it was simply the best. ever coffee I’ve had! You should also love the atmosphere and vibe of Enghave Kaffe. They have a no wifi and no laptops/tablets policy and every corner is super inviting to enjoy that cup of coffee and pastry.

Andersen’s Bakery

As you pass Andersen Bakery, you may notice the Japanese characters in its windows. This is because it is a Japanese-Danish bakery and it has a lovely story behind it. A Japanese tourist was visiting Copenhagen and fell in love with Danish pastries. He opened Andersen Bakery when he returned to Japan and it has been a success in the country. The bakery then came full circle and opened its doors in Copenhagen – a story of true passion and appreciation for Danish pastries! I had the mini triple chocolate pastry and it was amazing by Copenhagen high standards. Instead of coffee I ended up with a matcha latte and it was delightful.


As for pastry creations, I absolutely adore Andersen Maillard’s. Although in terms of quality and taste, they were not the best compared to the previously high standards set. Many different cakes caught my eye, such as the Espresso Croissant, the Pistachio Cube, the Chocolate Croissant Bun, etc. I managed to try the last two, which had been generously filled to the brim with pistachio and chocolate cream respectively. But the pastry itself was not as up to par as the other bakeries in Copenhagen mentioned. It’s still good if you consider it by London standards, but Copenhagen has set the bar very high!

Lilac Bakery

Lille Bakery is on my list for the trip, but I didn’t get a chance to visit. Many have said that it was worth venturing into the old industrial area of ​​Copenhagen to visit Lille Bakery. Whether it’s the Berliner, Cinnamon Rolls or Sourdough, they are known for offering some of the best you can find in the city!


Again, this is one that I didn’t get to review, but it is highly praised by everyone. Alice is a hole-in-the-wall cafe serving fantastic cakes and ice cream. The one that particularly caught my eye was the Danish coffee bun which would be at the top of my list next time!

Democratic Cafe

Democratic Coffee specializes in single-origin, lightly roasted coffee and is very popular with Danes as one of the best coffee spots in Copenhagen. Aside from exceptional coffee, they are also known for making the best Almond Croissant which is baked daily on site!

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