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Looking for halal food in Copenhagen? I have you here! It is true that I did not specifically visit many halal food places during my 3 days in Copenhagen. I was much more focused on going to all the bakeries and pastry shops as that was my main goal. Frankly, I didn’t have much room in my stomach after gorging myself on pastries all day to have proper meals. But I have researched and worked on halal food in Copenhagen before the trip and thought I would share it with you in case you find it useful.

While exploring Copenhagen, I noticed that there is no shortage of fast food kebab shops and Middle Eastern restaurants, especially in the Nørrebro area. In terms of variety, Copenhagen’s halal food scene isn’t as extensive as London’s, but you still have plenty of options. If you’re not too determined to have to eat meat for every meal, there’s plenty of very fresh seafood and vegetarian/vegan options.

Where to find halal food in Copenhagen

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Stefanos Mad & Kaffe / Stefanos Pizzabar

Looking for a halal brunch spot in Copenhagen? Stefanos Mad & Kaffe is a very popular choice! Halal brunch cafe is a small local business in the Nørrebro area. Their menu features a small selection of Turkish brunch dishes as well as some western classics like American pancakes, avocado etc. I had the scrambled eggs with beef sausage which was okay but nothing amazing either.

Right next door, there is also Stefanos Pizzabar, which serves halal pizzas.

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Kini Kini is a sister restaurant to the Michelin star Thai restaurant, Kiin Kiin. It is specialized in Indonesian cuisine, more specifically in Balinese cuisine. They are known for being the first Indonesian restaurant in Copenhagen and are open daily for dinner service. The restaurant itself is also charmingly designed with a jungle theme to add to the atmosphere and comes with great reviews. Tried to visit during lunch but didn’t realize they are only open from 5pm!

Watch out

Reffen is an urban street food market that is becoming the new hot spot in the city. One of the stalls is Awasana, a halal stall that prides itself on serving authentic traditional Afghan cuisine. Think of the likes of Kabuli Pilau, Bolani, Borani Bonjan, etc. and they are also known for their delicious chicken wrap. It’s a bit out of the city center, but you can also pay a joint visit to the nearby Lille Bakery for some exquisite pastries.

Louis Burger

Louis Burger is a fast food burger joint that pays homage to Louis Lassen, a Dane (specifically from Copenhagen) who moved to the US and invented the first hamburger. This fact has been made official and recognized by the Library of Congress. I have talked more about the story here in this article. I visited Louis Burger on a tired rainy night after much walking and had the original Louis Burger. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m impressed. The burger was a bit dry but, on the plus side, it was well seasoned. In addition to the regular burger buns, you can also get the burger on sandwich toast, which is the original way of how the burger was served.

hamburger burger

Another halal burger place in Copenhagen is Börger Burger, which has pretty high ratings. They are located on Istedgate and pride themselves on using fresh organic ingredients for their food. There are some more unique ingredient combos on their menu, most notably the Bearnaise burger which consists of asparagus, fries, caramelized onions, etc. and their homemade béarnaise sauce.

lebanon cuisine

Liban Cuisine is a popular Lebanese restaurant in Copenhagen. Aside from traditional Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes, interestingly, they are also very popular for their burgers! If anything, the burger menu section appears to be even larger than their selection of wraps. Of course you can still get all the classics like mezze, grilled meats, salads etc.

wow wok

WooWok is a Thai restaurant in Østerbro and specializes in traditional Thai family recipes with a Scandinavian twist. To be precise, it’s an Asian food court concept, and there are technically three restaurants: WooWok, WooShii, and WooCake, all under one roof. So besides Pad Thai and Curry, you can also get Maki Rolls and delicious cakes for dessert!

burger clubs

Burgerklubben is one of the first halal burger restaurants, not only in Copenhagen, but also in Denmark. They started out as a catering business and then found their first restaurant in Nørrebro. From there, they expanded to a larger site in Frederiksberg, as well as their largest branch yet in Roskilde, which is a popular destination for day trips from Copenhagen.

Shakedown Burger and shakes

Just around the corner from Burgerklubben is another halal burger place called Shakedown Burger & Shakes. It’s a great place to enjoy some fresh gourmet burgers and of course their range of delicious thick shakes! They pride themselves on using only fresh, premium ingredients, nothing artificial, and are a great place to visit with the family.

Other Halal Food Places in Copenhagen

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