Adopt Me Pizza Shop & Salon Update, Stylist Job

Adopt Me Pizza Shop & Salon Update: The black hole event for Adopt Me is finally over. The black hole has exploded, destroying the world around us and leaving everyone in the air. But instead of destroying the world, it brought a new update that is both interesting and beautiful.

After the black hole event, you can now work at Adopt Me Pizza Shop as a pizza maker. Also, Adopt Me Salon is a completely new building in the game. What we know about the Adopt Me Pizza Shop & Salon update is listed below.

Adopt Me Salon and Stylist Job

The new update “Jobs and Role Play” is here and includes two new jobs in the game! The other is a stylist.

You can follow this race in a new structure called the Lounge! Working as a stylist in a salon will pay you $15 per minute! She is an NPC who owns the salon, and you can only work there during the day because it is closed at night.

You can give your pet a new look by changing its color, taking care of its hair and nails, etc. To color your pet, simply spray it with the desired color from a spray can.

If you change your mind and decide that you don’t like the new color, just give your pet a bath in the salon. Each color lasts 20 minutes.

Adopt Me Pizzeria

Adopt Me Pizza Shop is also looking for new employees. You can also do a variety of jobs there. Just talk to Ramsey and he will tell you what he can do. You are a pizza chef, waiter or manager.

Adopt Me Pizzeria

You can take orders and deliver delicious pizzas to pizzeria customers as a waiter. When a pizza is finished, it can be brought to the table, displayed or delivered through a self-service service.

As a chef, you are in charge of collecting ingredients, making pizza, cooking, and delivering finished pizzas to waiters. Of course, just like in the salon, working in the pizzeria will earn you money.

In the new update, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to discover, so dive in!

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